3 Reasons We're Listening to Eddie Moore This Week

Originally from Houston, Eddie Moore, 30, moved to Kansas City in 2010. On Saturday, he and his band the Outer Circle perform at a release party for their new album Kings & Queens.

3 reasons we're listening to Eddie Moore and the Outer Circle this week:

1. Not only is Moore one of the only keyboardists in town who can play both gospel-infused and conventional post-bop forms of jazz, Moore he can occasionally be heard playing with rock, reggae and hip-hop ensembles.

2. Moore successfully combines R&B and hip-hop into his artful form of improvisational jazz. “Time’s a Wastin’” is a cover of an Erykah Badu song from the neo-soul artist’s 2000 album Mama’s Gun, while the rapper Kemet “The Phantom” Coleman will join Moore and the Outer Circle at Saturday’s show.