Demencha Review

The Freedom of Expression, is just that – free. It swells with the joy of creation. It sounds like people unafraid to jump wherever the flow takes them. The music held within is simultaneously contemplative and reactionary, painting moody landscapes with well-disciplined musicianship. The piano-led quartet conjures an emotive, silky and decisive swath of color and place. It’s an album that always feels like it’s traveling somewhere. Moore’s piano and Matt Hopper’s guitar delightedly dance in and out of songs, supported on the strong spine of Dominique Sanders and Matt Leifer’s bass and drums. This isn’t to say that the rhythm section is in the background. Leifer and Sanders are the life’s blood of this record. No where is more apparent than the title track “The Freedom of Expression”. The rhythm section creates enough room for tangential roaming, while maintaining steady discipline and cooperation, which allows Moore and tenor saxophonist, Eric Blume, to run into and over each other. They play both in a call-and-response method, as well as soloing.

James Mnamara

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